A Million Reasons Why

for Hometown Heroes raising One Million Dollars for a lifesaving CT Scan at Lloydminster Hospital

Thank you to our donors

Our “Hometown Heroes” are what we’re calling those who have made significant donations towards the new CT Scanner at the Lloydminster Hospital. Their donation is matched by the Province of Saskatchewan’s mission-critical CT Scanner replacement program making each dollar donated twice as valuable.

These amazing Hometown Heroes will be provided two invitations to an elite, prestigious Gourmet Giving Event as a thank you for their contribution.

  • Event will be held at a private, undisclosed location, with coordinates being released 24 hours prior to the event.


  • A nationally recognized and renowned celebrity chef, Dale MacKay, will lead and inspire a four course culinary meal for this intimate group of less than 200 people.
  • At the end of the evening, each donation will be recognized through the gift of a unique, limited edition art piece. Only 100 created.

About Dale Mackay
Dale has spent time in the UK as Chef Ramsay’s key guy before returning to Canada to open his own restaurants in Vancouver. After missing the prairies, Dale moved back to Saskatoon and has opened 3 fine-dining restaurants there. He is also the winner of Top Chef Canada, former Sous Chef for Chef Ramsay, and will be featured on Iron Chef Gauntlet every Wednesday on the Food Network starting this April.

About the CT Scanner

The existing scanner is over a decade old, and with new technology available, the hospital is in need of an update. The new CT Scanner has 10x the diagnostic precision and offers significantly less exposure to radiation. It’s also more efficient, which means there will be a decrease in patient wait times and less of a need to travel outside our community to receive adequate treatment.